Alex’s Likes and Dislikes


Things Alex likes…

  1. 1. Ping Pong.
  2. Longboarding. My wife and I have 3 boards, two are Afroman.
  3., ad free alternative to yahoo. includes preferences for your preferred search engine, your personal page, and email.
  4. TikiPunch by Shasta. In all honesty I’ve only had one, but I’ve actually tried to buy it at wal-mart and they don’t have it. Dang you Randy for introducing me to something so good and not telling me where to get it!
  5. Tangelos, half orange, half tangerine – all tasty!
  6. Storck Chocolate Riesen


1. Red Dawn (I swear I dreamed this before it came out…I smell a lawsuit).
2. Office Space
3. The Game


1. Seinfeld – yup, I’m still watching the reruns.

2. Any Sports


Things MeAlex does not like…

1. Never getting enough sleep.

2. Lawsuits…asbestos, malpractice, hot McDonalds coffee. Give me a break! Pathetic!

Things I Like But Pretend I Don’t

1. Grits- A ground, usually white meal of dried and hulled corn kernels that is boiled and served as a breakfast food or side dish. Hey, I grew up in the South!

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