Stooping to New Lows

Posted on Tuesday, May 20, 2008 in Let's Get Random

So I’ve always made fun of American Idol fans. The show just came off to me as extremely fake/staged and cheesy. I had never watched more than a minute of AI over the years it’s been on…until recently. Somehow my wife got interested in the show two weeks ago. I watched the final 3 episodes of the season. I realized my mistake just a few minutes ago when I found myself calling in to vote for David Archuleta…4 times (and I don’t even know if you can vote more than once!). It feels good to confess.

  1. @Shep I wouldn’t be surprised either. Although, D. Arch is unique…D. Cook will be singing for some rock ballad band in 5 years. I just think that Archuleta was more talened…even if he doesn’t sing what’s in now.

  2. @Kevin Shut it!

  3. I’m glad you confessed meAlex I’m sure thats a lot of weight off your girlie chest.

  4. Wow…don’t even try shortening their names like athletes (D. Arch?).

  5. um… dude why watch AI when you can watch dancing with the stars!

  6. @Bart I will not view any show that has men in spandex.

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