Massively, Massive Biceps

Posted on Wednesday, December 19, 2007 in My Epiphanies

So today I realized whenever I see specific people I have a tendency to react a certain way. I’m involved in a startup business and the COO is a really cool guy. He always comes up and gives a good solid pat on the back our grabs your arm. Well, it finally occurred to me that every time he grabs my arm I flex and try to impress him with my massively, massive biceps. He always says “whoa” or “wow” as if I’ve never done the same thing before. Way to keep my confidence high, Derek.

Next example. I share an office with Bryan. He’s probably sick of hearing me say “I’m dying”. That’s what I say whenever I’m burnt out at work. I bet it happens quite a bit. I may have to start waving my hands in the air while saying “I’m dying” to keep getting his attention.

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