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Posted on Wednesday, December 19, 2007 in Site Updates

So I started in 2003 (My first website was in 1998, but you probably don’t care and I don’t care to write about it).

I was in my mid-20′s, but most visitors would have probably thought a kid put all of the mess together. Anyway there were all kinds of experiments I put on the site (mainly to fool around with php code) such as my database of people named Alex, daily commuting pictures and plenty of other worthless information. I slowly let the site die out.

Oh I almost forgot…someone posted this on a crappy forum script I put together in 2005:

I was just browsing the internet and I found your site… Why do you have it? Do your friends go to it? It doesn’t look like too many people do because there aren’t any posts on this board (Maybe it’s because you have a broken link). Anyway, this site isn’t that interesting. The only thing cool about your site is that you have the same name as me (Which ironically isn’t how I found your site). I’m 15 years old by the way and I really don’t understand why a 28 year old man would post a site like this. I have a site as well, but it’s more interesting than yours. My advice to you is to try putting things on your site that would appeal to others. Interesting things… My site isn’t that interesting, but I have a blog and my friends like reading about my life and experiences apparently. I also have pictures as you do, but my pictures have my friends in them as well… So whenever my friends want to find some pictures they can just come to my site and get them. You also seem to be fine at creating a website, who is your host? Maybe you can have a section in your site that shows people how to make websites. You’d be surprised how many people don’t know how. Just trying to give you ideas… Ways for you to get more hits. Hope it helps man. Alex.

He must have been attracted to the site because of the “Alex” database. ;-) is where I publish my thoughts on my career, internet marketing. It would probably be boring to most. Anyway, I’ve decided there’s way too many things happening in my life to leave out all the good stuff. For example, this last week my parents took my family out to eat. I could tell some loud teenagers next to us were slowly getting under my dad’s skin. He finally yelled “You kids these days! Quit using foul language around my grand kids!” The high school kid asked “what foul language?”. To which my dad replied, “You said ‘that sucks’ in front of these little kids”. I said “thanks for watching out for the kids, but dad, I say that all the time.” Good times.

So it’s funny that I’ve been online much longer than most and never really got around to normal blogging. Let’s hope it lasts.

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